* If you have never wear contact lenses, please seek a government-approved registered optometrist to check and fit contact lenses.

  • Proper use of contact lenses, according to the lens replacement cycle recommended by professional optometrists and contact lens cleaning and care procedures
  • What are the risks of wearing contact lenses? Even, it is very rare, there are still opportunities for eye health problems in the process of wearing contact lenses. Therefore, it is very important to properly wear and care for contact lenses.
  • It is generally up to the professional ophthalmologist to decide if you are suitable for wearing contact lenses. If they have contact lenses for you, if you notice eye infections, eye irritation, excessive tearing, blurred vision, red eyes or other conditions, please consult a professional ophthalmologist or professional ophthalmologist immediately, and do not continue to match. Wear contact lenses.

Refund Policy;

We will give you a full refund before Contacts Lens details confirmation.

But we are sorry for no refund or change after your order double confirmation and were accepted.

Thanks for your understanding!

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